Autors: Melikov, A.K., Markov, D. G.
Title: Validity of CO2 based ventilation design (Open Access)
Keywords: Air distribution, Building regulations, CO2 concentration, Design practice, Free convection flows, Seated occupants, Thermal manikin, Ventilation flow

Abstract: The present ventilation design practice as well as the ventilation standards and building regulations are based on the assumption for complete mixing of air in occupied spaces. Required flow rate of outdoor air for dilution of metabolic CO2 generated by occupants is calculated to keep the CO2 concentration below certain required level. The CO2 concentration measured in the exhaust air or in the room but far from the occupants is assumed to be the same as the CO2 concentration in the air inhaled by the occupants. However, this assumption is seldom accurate, especially in spaces with closely seated occupants, such as classrooms, meeting rooms, etc. In such spaces the CO2 sources, i.e. the people, are close to each other and the CO2 concentration in the inhaled air may be much above the CO2 concentration level recommended as a limit in standards. This is because the upward free convection flow that exists around human body entrains the air with high CO2 concentration..



    E3S Web of Conferencesл 13th REHVA World Congress, CLIMA 2019; Bucharest; Romania; 26 May 2019 through 29 May 2019, vol. 111, issue 13, pp. Article number 05007, 2019, Romania, EDP Sciences, DOI 10.1051/e3sconf/201911105007

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