Autors: Nenova, M. V., Vesselin E. Gueorguiev.
Title: ISO standard implementation impact in COVID-19 erra on UV-lighting devices
Keywords: medical devices , COVID-19 , UV waves , ISO 13485:2016 , ISO 15858:2016

Abstract: The process of providing the safety of medical devices is very important in our days. Standards in the field are one of the most common and reliable criteria for assessment of the quality of such equipment. At the moment in the situation of COVID-19 the results during the process and after it are very important. Many manufacturers sell UV lamps in order to kill viruses and bacteria. The situation is almost the same with face masks.The proposed paper presents a survey and an approach for implementation of criteria in order to prove the safety of medical devices.



    2020 Fifth Junior Conference on Lighting (Lighting), pp. 1-4, 2020, Bulgaria, IEEE Inc, DOI 10.1109/Lighting47792.2020.9240576

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