Autors: Nenova, M. V., Ivanov, I. E., Gueorguiev, V. E.
Title: Test-based approach to selecting a new PACS
Keywords: PACS, test-based approach, medical systems, testing

Abstract: For a period of 10–15 years (2005 – 2018), the number of PACS systems offered on the market has increased more than 10 times. Each new PACS offers an extension of the existing possibilities by adding various “new” or “useful” functions or by changing the operating characteristics of the system (transfer speed, processing speed, the size of processed images, the volume of the archive, etc.). Despite this growing up, some of the main disadvantages of this class of systems persist: the systems are complex and expensive to acquire, replace, maintain, or repair. This paper aims to show an approach that allows us to choose the right PACS for the needs of a particular group of hospitals and health care institutions.



    2020 Fifth Junior Conference on Lighting (Lighting), pp. 1-6, 2020, Bulgaria, IEEE, DOI 10.1109/Lighting47792.2020.9240596

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