Autors: Nedelchev, M. V., Kolev, A. N., Zlatica Marinkovic.
Title: ANN modelling of planar filters using square open loop DGS resonators
Keywords: Artificial neural network, Coupling coefficient, Defected ground structure, Inverse model, Planar filter

Abstract: This paper presents a novel modelling method for planar defected ground structure (DGS) square open loop resonator filters. The increased complexity of the coupling mechanism between the resonators and the impossibility to analytically calculate the coupling coefficients created the need of accurate modelling of the coupled resonators. Design process requires to calculate the filter dimension for the given coupling coefficient. A novel method based on artificial neural networks (ANNs) is proposed in this paper. ANNs are used to develop the filter forward and inverse models aimed to calculate the spacing between the resonators for predetermined coupling coefficients from the approximation. An example filter is designed, simulated and measured. A very good agreement between the measurements and the filter requirements is observed



    4th EAI International Conference on Future Access Enablers of Ubiquitous and Intelligent Infrastructures, FABULOUS 2019, pp. 363-371, 2019, Bulgaria, ISSN: 18678211, ISBN: 978-303023975-6, DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-23976-3_32

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