Autors: Nedelchev, M. V., Biljana Stosic., Nebojsa Doncov., Johan Russer., Zoran Stankovic.
Title: Stochastic signal propagation in five-section wideband branch-line hybrid
Keywords: Defected ground structure (DGS), Multimethod simulation, Wave digital filters

Abstract: A different aspects of five-section wideband 3 dB branch-line hybrid with 90° phase difference which operates at center frequency of 2500 MHz are presented in this paper. The proposed hybrid configuration having symmetric nature with defected ground structures (DGS) is designed and fabricated. DGS is used to improve the performances and the frequency responses of the designed wideband hybrid. The resulting hybrid fulfills all predefined specifications, i.e. coupling and directivity. The hybrid is also simulated and measured, and its wave digital (WD) model based on multimethod technique is created. At the end, the obtained S-parameters from WD solution are used to consider the propagation of stochastic signals in multiport device for an arbitrary correlation between the port sources.



    21st International Conference on Electromagnetics in Advanced Applications, ICEAA 2019, pp. 754-759, 2019, Spain, ISBN: 978-172810563-5, DOI: 10.1109/ICEAA.2019.8879381

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    1. Stošić, B.P. , Wave-based digital models of different branch-line couplers, Serbian Journal of Electrical Engineering, Volume 17, Issue 2, 1 June 2020, Pages 149-169, ISSN: 14514869DOI: 10.2298/SJEE2002149S - 2020 - в издания, индексирани в Scopus или Web of Science

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