Autors: Minkov, D. A., Angelov, G. V., Несторов Р. Н.
Title: Comparative study of the accuracy of characterization of thin films a-Si on glass substrates from their interference normal incidence transmittance spectrum by the Tauc-Lorentz-Urbach, the Cody-Lorentz-Urbach, the optimized envelopes and the optimized graphical methods
Keywords: thin film characterization, accuracy of characterization methods

Abstract: Two RF magnetron sputtered a-Si thin films one of them several times thicker than the other are characterized by four methods. Since most literature data indicate presence of Urbach tails in the bandgap of a-Si, the two inverse synthesis methods based on the Tauc-Lorentz-Urbach model (TLUM) and the Cody-Lorentz-Urbach model (CLUM) are employed. It is clarified that the conventional envelopemethods tend to overestimate the average thickness df , and to underestimate the refractive index nf(λ) of the film. Therefore, the recently proposed optimized envelope method (OEM) and the optimized graphical method (OGM) are also employed. The accuracies of characterizations by these four methods are compared using a figure of merit (FOM), representing RMSdeviation of the computed transmittance spectrum Tc(λ) obtained using the computed film characteristics, from the measured transmittance spectrum T(λ) of the specimen. The most accurate characterization of the thinner film is achieved by OEM,



    Materials Research Express, 2019, United Kingdom, IOP Publishing, ISSN 20531591

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