Autors: A, J. S.
Title: Market Model for Management of Profit in Industrial Enterprise
Keywords: Market segment; Quantity; Cost; Group of Factors

Abstract: The purpose of the report is to presents a model for profit optimization and management, which takes into account both the quantity of sales, prices, costs and other factors, as well as new factors related to market and competitors - market share, prices, quality and marketing costs of competitors and others. There are listed features, limitations and advantages of the model. For more clarity, the presentation of the model is accompanied by two main types of tasks related to optimal prices, strategies and costs for the industrial enterprise.


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Trakia Journal of Science, vol. 17, issue 1, pp. 606-610, 2019, Bulgaria, Trakia Journal of Science, ISSN 1313-7069 (print), ISSN 1313-3551 (online), doi:10.15547/tjs.2019.s.01.096

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