Autors: Hadzhiev, I. S., Malamov, D., Balabozov, I. S., Yatchev, I. S.
Title: Numerical Analysis and Experimental Study of the Thermal Field in a Power Distribution Block
Keywords: Computer modeling, Coupled problems, Heat exchange, Low volt

Abstract: This paper considers the heating in a closed low-voltage power distribution block by simulation and experiment. For the simulation, Coupled problem electric field-thermal field-fluid mechanics has been solved by means of a computer model, developed in the COMSOL software package. The model takes into account both the thermodynamic processes and the heat exchange through radiation in the volume of the power distribution block, and the heat exchange through radiation and convection towards the environment. Experimental studies have been carried out by means of specially developed computer-controlled experimental setup. Comparison has been made between the obtained numerical and experimental results, related to the heating in the distribution block, and good agreement has been achieved



    19th International Symposium on Electromagnetic Fields in Mechatronics, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, 29 August 2019 through 31 August 2019, vol. ISEF 2019, issue 19, pp. Article number 9096885, 2019, France, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., DOI 10.1109/ISEF45929.2019.9096885

    Copyright IEEE

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