Autors: Jivkov, V. S., Draganov, V. A.
Title: The Kinetic Energy Storage as an Energy Buffer for Electric Vehicles
Keywords: Electric and hybrid drive lines; Electric battery; Kinetic e

Abstract: It is considered a hybrid driveline intended for electric vehicle in which Kinetic Energy Storage (KES) is used as an energy buffer for the load levelling over the main energy source – Li-Ion battery. Relations for KES local efficiency are worked out. Overall efficiencies of the parallel power branches are defined, and a control strategy for power split is proposed based on the alternative storage devices State of Charge (SoC). Quantity estimations of KES influence on the battery loading are obtained by evaluation of covered mileage, achievable with a single battery recharge over standard driving cycles, and by expected battery cycle-life prediction.



    Advances in Automobile Engineering, vol. 6, issue 165, 2017, Spain, Longdom Publishing, DOI 10.4172/2167- 7670.1000165

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