Autors: Kamburov, V. V.
Title: Anomalous strain hardening effect for high strain of severe plastic deformation under dual equal channel extrusion
Keywords: stress-strain hardening curves, severe plastic deformation,equal channel angular extrusion

Abstract: The description of resistance to plastic deformation during cold plastic deformation is done through increasing monotonically declined functions σ = σ(ɛ), interpreted by parabolic mathematical expressions of the type σt = Kɛⁿt, σt = K(ɛ0 + ɛt)ⁿ and σt = σ0 + Kɛⁿt, known as stress-strain hardening curves of the deformed metal/alloy. These relations are explicit expressions for true stress σt as a function of true plastic strain ɛt. The known mathematical relations, that take into account the deformation strengthening cold strain hardening are related to increasing the current yield stress σY and the hardness HV/Hit, without taking into account the anomalous phenomenon strain “softening” occurring at high strain ɛi ≥ 4 and a negative spherical stress tensor. A new model for anomalous strain hardening for severe plastic deformation is proposed, based on an expanded equation of the stress-strain hardening curve σY = (Hit, ɛt), using data from nanoindentation Hit and from uniaxial tension



    Comptes rendus de l’Academie bulgare des Sciences, vol. vol 71, pp. 535-544, 2018, Bulgaria, Comptes rendus de l’Academie bulgare des Sciences, SSN 1310–1331 (Print), ISSN 2367–5535 (Online),

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