Autors: Petrakieva, S. K., Garasym, O., Taralova, I.
Title: G- interval Method for Secure Chaotic Synchronization and Information Transmission
Keywords: chaotic generator; observer design;synchronization; secure i

Abstract: This paper deals with the chaotic cryptosystem and observer-based chaotic synchronization of Lozi chaotic generator for secure information transmission. Increasing the size of the secret key has been achieved thanks to the G-interval parameter method for observability analysis of a Lozi chaotic generator.



    9th International Conference for Internet Technology and Secured Transactions (ICITST), pp. 37 - 42, 2014, United Kingdom, Infonomics Society, Curran Associates, Inc., DOI 978-1-908320-39-1 / 10.1109/ICITST.2014.7038771

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