Autors: Ivanov, I. E., Gueorguiev, V. E., Georgieva, D.V.
Title: An adaptive system for quality improved digitalization of medical images
Keywords: Diagnostic process, Direct exposure films, HDR imageImage applicationsimage digitalization, Low qualities, Quality enhancement, Track changes

Abstract: Medical images are an important part of the modern diagnostic process of many diseases. The low quality of images is one of the reasons for hypo-or hyper-diagnosis as a result of incorrect deciphering. One of the image applications is to track changes in patients' organs and tissues over time. Screen-films and direct exposure films are part of medical image sources. The proposed paper presents a prototype of a new generation of medical image fil digitizer. The characteristics of such an apparatus and the necessary technologies for its implementation are considered



    2nd Balkan Junior Conference on Lighting, Balkan Light Junior 2019, 19 September 2019 through 21 September 2019, vol. Balkan Light Junior 2019 - Proceedings, issue 2, pp. Article number 8883649, 2019, Bulgaria, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., DOI 10.1109/BLJ.2019.8883649

    Copyright IEEE

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