Autors: Ivanov, M. P.
Title: Human breathing cycle simulation system, developed as additional functionality for thermal manikins
Keywords: Indoor Environment, Indoor Air Quality, Thermal Manikins, Experimental Studies, Breathing Cycle

Abstract: The global aim of the presented study is to develop schematic solution for compact pneumatic system, which simulates the breathing cycle of human occupants in indoor environment. This system should be suitable for application as additional functionality in standard thermal manikins. In the presented paper, the following tasks are discussed: ● Review of the specifics of the respiratory cycle in humans, from a physiological point of view. ● Review of the general design parameters of the proposed pneumatic system. ● Development of schematic solution for compact pneumatic system, simulating with high precision the respiratory cycle in humans.



    Proceedings of “International Scientific Conference in Ruse University", vol. 54, pp. 191 – 195, 2015, Bulgaria, ISBN ISSN 1311-3321

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