Autors: Ivanov, M. P.
Title: Reliability of IAQ subjective vote, collected during unorganized experimental measurements
Keywords: Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), Thermal Comfort (TC), Occupant Behavior, Subjective Assessment, Experimental Studies

Abstract: The aim of the presented study is to assess the reliability of the results from unorganized and spontaneous subjective assessment of the indoor environment parameters in small lecture room. Some of the outlined tasks, based on the stated objective include: to perform subjective assessment of the indoor environment, organized by untrained and unprepared assessment panel; to perform parallel physical measurements of the main indoor environment parameters, and to analyze the reliability of the results from the subjective assessment. The presented paper reveals part of the results obtained during the performance of all of the above stated tasks.



    Proceedings of “International Scientific Conference in Ruse University", vol. 54, pp. 116 – 120, 2015, Bulgaria, ISBN ISSN 1311-3321

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