Autors: Ivanov, M. P., Mijorski S.
Title: Numerical optimisation of polygonal breathing thermal manikins
Keywords: CFD, Virtual Thermal Manikin, Breathing Flow Modelling

Abstract: The presented paper describes a CFD based optimization approach for improvements in the geometrical shape of a simplified polygonal breathing thermal manikin. A base model of a physiologically identified manikin and two proposed polygonal models were compared. The polygonal models are designed to match the overall 95th percentile of the anthropometric size of a standard person, with and without the addition of proposed flow optimization collars. The numerical results showed that the optimization with the proposed collars had a positive effect over the resulted flow acceleration at top head and chest zones of the manikin. However, the improvement of the flow characteristics was observed for two of the simulated three breathing phases. A further work for the optimization of the new proposed polygonal manikin is suggested, by introducing additional model modifications, like sharp-edges filleting and closing the mechanical openings.



    “6th International Conference on Thermal Equipment, Renewable Energy and Rural Development – TE-RE-RD 2017”, Moieciu de Sus – Romania, pp. 63-68, 2017, Romania, ISBN ISSN 2457 – 3302

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