Autors: Mijorski S., Ivanov, M. P.
Title: Comparison of different CFD techniques for transient modelling of virtual breathing thermal manikins
Keywords: CFD, URANS, DES, LES, Virtual Thermal Manikin, Breathing Flow Modelling

Abstract: The presented paper reveals comparative analyses of three different CFD based transient modelling techniques (URANS, DES and LES) for flow simulations with virtual thermal manikins. The interaction between the simulated breathing flow and the free convection flow from the heated virtual manikin’s surface for two breathing phases is performed under controlled room conditions. Recent studies of the authors’ show that simulations under steady state conditions can lead to overprediction of the resultant fields, so the implementation of transient simulation methods is recommended in that case.



    15th International Conference on Environmental Science and Technology, CEST 2017, Rhodes, Greece, 2017, Greece, CEST2017, Manuscript ID: cest2017_00415, ISBN ISSN 1106-5516

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