Autors: Georgiev, M. G., Stanev, R. H., Krusteva, A. P.
Title: Optimized power flow control of smart grids with electric vehicles and de
Keywords: Distributed energy sources, Electric vehicle charging contro

Abstract: In this article an application for optimization of the energy flows in smart power systems consisting of electric vehicles (EV), distributed energy sources (DER), flexible loads and bidirectional storage is proposed. An optimization model for energy distribution between electric vehicles, electric storage devices and photovoltaic generators is presented. A nonlinear optimization problem with linear constrains for optimizing the power flows in the system is defined and solved. A multi-objective problem is defined in respect to satisfy PV production criteria and to maximize the power flow to the EVs. An algorithm for finding the optimal solution of the multi-objective optimization problem is proposed. The approach is very useful for energy flow control and analyzis of DER behavior. The algorithm proposed for solving multi-objective problem is applicable when a storage and PV generation units are used in the DER system..



    16th International Conference on Electrical Machines, Drives and Power Systems, 6 June 2019 through 8 June 2019, vol. ELMA 2019 - Proceedings, issue 16, pp. Article number 8771575, 2019, Bulgaria, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., DOI 10.1109/ELMA.2019.8771575

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