Autors: Hensel, Stefan., Marinov, M. B., Schwarz, R., Toplalov, I. P.
Title: Ground Sky Imager Based Short Term Cloud Coverage Prediction
Keywords: Cloud coverage, High dynamic range images, Prediction algorithms, Short term irradiance prediction.

Abstract: The paper describes a systematic approach for a precise short-time cloud coverage prediction based on an optical system. We present a distinct pre-processing stage that uses a model based clear sky simulation to enhance the cloud segmentation in the images. The images are based on a sky imager system with fish-eye lens optic to cover a maximum area. After a calibration step, the image is rectified to enable linear prediction of cloud movement. In a subsequent step, the clear sky model is estimated on actual high dynamic range images and combined with a threshold based approach to segment clouds from sky. In the final stage, a multi hypothesis linear tracking framework estimates cloud movement, velocity and possible coverage of a given photovoltaic power station. We employ a Kalman filter framework that efficiently operates on the rectified images. The evaluation on real world data suggests high coverage prediction accuracy above 75%.



    FABULOUS 2019 - 4th EAI International Conference on Future Access Enablers of Ubiquitous and Intelligent Infrastructures March 28-29, 2019, vol. 283, pp. 372-385, 2019, Bulgaria, Springer, ISSN-1867-8211 / doi: 10.1007/978-3-030-23976-3_33

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