Autors: Nikolova, K. T., Petrinska, I. C., Ivanov, D. D., Pavlov, D. T.
Title: Investigation of the Photobiological Risk from Blue Light of a Human-Centric Lighting System - Case Study
Keywords: Lighting , Observers , Hazards , Light emitting diodes , Light sources , Retina , Visualization

Abstract: The human biological clock or the so called circadian rhythm is controlled through the light. With the introduction of Light Emitting Diodes, or LEDs, tunable white light can be achieved in an energy-efficient manner, which is easy to control with advanced control technologies. Except for its advantages the artificial lighting that follows the change of the natural light can influence in a negative way the skin and the eyes of humans - the so called photobiological risk, connected with the spectrum of LEDs. Although recommendations for measurement setup from photo biological risk from blue light exist, the real situation, where the observer sees with his peripheral vision a lot of luminaires is interesting for research. The different applications may lead to different assessment results. The recent paper presents a blue light assessment with taking into account the human eye possibilities and the subtended angle for color recognition in measurement geometry with direction of the centr



    , 2019, Bulgaria, DOI 10.1109/BulEF48056.2019.9030789

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