Autors: Tarulli, M. T.
Title: H 2-scattering for Systems of Weakly Coupled Fourth-order NLS Equations in Low Space Dimensions
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Abstract: We prove large-data scattering and existence of wave operators in the energy space for the systems of N defocusing fourth-order Schrödinger equations with mass-supercritical and energy-subcritical power-type nonlinearity. In addition, new nonlinear interaction Morawetz identities and inequalities are given, suitable to shed lights on the decay of the solution with respect some Lebesgue norms when the space dimensions are d =?3,4.



    Potential Analysis, vol. 51, issue 2, pp. 291-313, 2019, Switzerland, Springer Netherlands, DOI 10.1007/s11118-018-9712-8

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