Autors: Nedyalkov, I., Arnaudov, D. D.
Title: Attacks and security measures of the exchanged information in the charging infrastructure for electromobiles
Keywords: Attacks, Charging infrastructures, Charging station, Communication technologies, Cyber security, Electric vehicle charging, Exchange of information, Security measure

Abstract: The present work addresses the problem of the security of the data that are exchanged in the electric vehicle charging network. The main communication technologies for the exchange of information between electric vehicles and charging network elements are described. The structure of the charging network for electric vehicles is explored. The main attacks on which such a network would be subjected were considered. Different methods to secure the communication in electric vehicle charging networks are presented. The using of dark fibre for building a secure communication network has been proposed


  1. S. Jeong, N. Dao, Y. Lee, C. Lee and S. Cho,, 2018, Blockchain Based Billing System for Electric Vehicle and Charging Station, Prague, 2018, <Prague>, Tenth International Conference on Ubiquitous and Future Networks (ICUFN)


28th International Scientific Conference Electronics, 12 September 2019 through 14 September 2019, vol. ET 2019 - Proceedings, issue 28, pp. Article number 8878500, 2019, Bulgaria, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., DOI 10.1109/ET.2019.8878500

Copyright IEEE

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