Autors: Mladenov, V. M.
Keywords: memristors, nonlinear ionic drift, modeling, window function

Abstract: This paper presents a brief overview of the fourth fundamental one-port element – the memristor. The theoretical fundaments of the idealized memristor predicted by Chua are represented. The main memristor realizations based on different materials are considered. Special attention is paid to their properties, memory effect, principles of operation and important applications in electronic devices, as reconfigurable circuits, memories, neural networks, logic gates and others. Due to the high complexity of the processes in the memristors their modeling is substantial and plays important role in memristor circuit design. A comparison of their main models is done, paying attention to their advantages, exploration for their new potential applications and the need of representation the nonlinear ionic drift for high-level and high-frequency signals.



    Engineering Sciences, vol. 57, issue 1, pp. 5-23, 2020, Bulgaria, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, DOI 10.7546/EngSci.LVII.20.01.01

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