Autors: Petrakieva, S. K., Shopov, Y. M.
Title: Processes in Protecting the Electrical Devices from Overvoltages in DC-power supply network
Keywords: overvoltages, thyristor’s protection, transient analysis

Abstract: Overvoltages in the DC power supply network are due to different atmospheric influences, switching-on and off the large consumers, etc. The normal work of some electrical devices (esp. electronic) detonates and sometimes overvoltages are the cause for damage or breakdowns. In the present paper a protective device based on the so-called “artificial” short circuit in the input of the network, is proposed. As a result of this forced short circuit, the DC-power supply is switched off by a standard protective circuit-breaker. The short circuit is realized by a contactless commutative apparatus (e. g. thyristor) which controlling signal is formed as a voltage across a capacitor that is a part of RC-circuits connected in parallel to the DC-power supply network. An analytical expression for this voltage, using a classical method for transient analysis, is obtained. The research is confirmed with simulations by OrCAD Capture under exactly values of the elements in the RC-circuits considered.



    XX International Symposium on Theoretical Electrical Engineering ISTET’2019, pp. 13 - 14, 2019, Bulgaria,

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