Autors: Salma Boumiza., Bekiarski, B. A., Plesgkova, P. S.
Title: Development of model for automatic tutor in e-learning environment based on student reactions extraction using facial recognition
Keywords: face detection; face recognition; Viola Jones; KLT; MATLAB; e-learning; automatic tutor

Abstract: In e-learning environment, the main function of the tutor is to provide assistance to one or a group of learners. We distinguish between two types of tutors: The reactive tutor who responds simply to the explicit requests of the learner and the proactive tutor who takes the initiative to provide support to the learner and offer him advice at the appropriate time. Our goal is to create an environment where the proactive role of tutor is to assist and monitor a single learner during the learning process. In our case tutor should have his own problem-solving analysis, his own ability to model the learner and his own expertise in generating explanations. In this paper, an automatic tutor based on face recognition and emotion recognition system is proposed for a distant learning platform, the first step for face recognition system is face detection for this we are using the viola jones object detect algorithm that can provide the detection in real time. Features extraction and tracking is


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2017 15th International Conference on Electrical Machines, Drives and Power Systems (ELMA), 2017, Bulgaria, ISBN 978-150906691-9

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