Autors: Petrakieva, S. K.
Title: Some Problems in Distance Learning on Theoretical Electrical Engineering in Technical University of Sofia
Keywords: dynamic distance learning, static traditional teaching on Th

Abstract: In the present paper, a new approach for teaching and examining the students on discipline “Theory of Electrical Engineering” is suggested. It recommends the theoretical material from the lectures to be duplicated by uploading in Moodle, where the student can single-handed to prepare himself for the final exam, learning the theory with solving examples and thus to has an opportunity for checking the acquiring knowledge-making dynamic tests, unloaded in the system. The final rate will be formed basing on the points from taking part in the lectures, test control from the tutorials and the labs, self-prepared analytically and simulated with program products course assessments, and the rate from the exam. The final rate on the discipline has to satisfy the European examination credits transfer system in case of desire from the student for moving to other universities in the European Union.



    16 International Conference of Electrical Machines, Drives and Power systems - ELMA’19, pp. 469-473, 2019, Bulgaria, DOI 978-1-7281-1413-2 / 10.1109/ELMA.2019.8771674

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