Autors: Malamov, D., Gorcheva, D., Angelova, J. S.
Title: Business E-Governance Remote a Priori Determination of Electrical Consumption of the Mass Consumer
Keywords: free electricity market, standard load profile, individual load profile, questionnaire for the impact of household factors

Abstract: The advantages of the integration of electricity systems in a liberalized ele¬ctricity market are outlined. The inclusion of part of the household users in it is currently based on a limited number of standard load profiles of power consumption. More accurately, their electricity consumption forecasts are based on individual load profiles. For their a priori determination an inquiry card is offered aimed at the study of persistent (relatively constant) household factors (geographical area, type of dwe¬lling, heat insulation, heating, household appliances, inhabitants, households, stereo¬type of life, etc.) on the specifics of household consumption.


  1. Malamov, D., B. T. Sekirarski, D. Gorcheva, D. Velinov, 2016, Scientific Project № 4 of FSI of the University of Telecommunications and Post, Sofia, Sofia
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, Selected and Extended Papers from Xth International Scientific ConferenceË-Governance and E-Communications, pp. 9, 2019, Bulgaria, SSRN, Elsevier, ISBN 978-619-167-368-1

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