Autors: Kaleicheva, J. A., Mishev, V. P., Karaguiozova, Z. K.
Title: Tribological Characteristics of Austempered Ductile Irons with Nanosized Additives
Keywords: austempered ductile irons; hardness; nanosized particles; upper bainite; wear resistance

Abstract: The samples of austempered ductile irons (ADI) with nanosized particles of TiCN+ TiN, TiN and cBN are investigated. The austempering mode consists of heating at 900оС, 1 h and isothermal retention at 380оС, 2 h.The obtained structure of the upper bainite is examined by an optical metallographic microscope GX41 OLIMPUS. SEM and EDX analyses of cast samples with nanosized particles are performed. Wear test is carried out of ADI samples on thumb-disc circuit during friction on the fixed abrasive. The influence of nanoadditives on the tribological characteristics, hardness and microstructure of ADI is established.



    Journal of the Balkan Tribological Association, vol. 25, issue 2, pp. 280-290, 2019, Bulgaria, Scientific Bulgarian Communications, ISSN 1310-4772

    Copyright Scientific Bulgarian Communications

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