Autors: Kaleicheva, J. A., Mishev, V. P., Vlatko Marušić.
Title: Microstructure and Tribological Properties of Spheroidal Graphite Cast Irons with Nanoadditives
Keywords: austempered ductile iron; hardness; microstructure; nanoadditives; upper bainite; wear resistance

Abstract: In this paper metallographic, mechanical and tribological tests of spheroidal graphite cast iron with applied nanosized additives of titanium nitride + titanium carbonitride (TiN + TiCN), titanium nitride TiN and cubic boron nitride cBN are perfomed. With the aim to achieve upper bainite structure, samples of spheroidal graphite cast iron are put under austhempering at the following conditions: heating at 900 °С, 1 h and isothermal retention at 380 °С, 2 h. In order to achieve the wear resistance, the resulting structure of the upper bainite has similar properties as martensitic structure, but with improved toughness. By X-ray analysis before and after the wear resistance test, the share of retained austenite was reduced in samples with applied nanosized additives compared to the samples of spheroidal graphite cast iron that were tested without the application of nanosized additives.



    Technical gazette, vol. 26, issue 4, pp. 1076-1080, 2019, Croatia, Strojarski Facultet, DOI 10.17559/TV-20180313125057

    Copyright Strojarski Facultet

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