Autors: Pleshkova, S. P., Kirechev, A. K.
Title: An experimental study of improving sound insulation index of hollow brick wall by using wall lining panels for acoustic sensitive rooms in hospitals
Keywords: minim sound reduction index, double masonry wall, insulation system

Abstract: The main construction material between dwelling apartments and hospital rooms in Bulgaria which is not part of the skeleton structure is ceramic hollow bricks. According to National standard the minim sound reduction index between dwellings has to be R’w>53dB for residential buildings and walls between hospitalization rooms R’w>47dB. Most of the brick on the market has maximum sound insulation index calculated and measured is around R’w=46dB which don’t meet the regulations. There is different approaches to solve this issue. Same of them include splitting the wall and making double masonry wall, other is to make wall lining with steel studs, mineral wool and gypsum board. They all have their advantages and disadvantages but the focus of this paper will be new type of sound insulation system which can increase significant the performance of the wall with minimum thickness. The experiment study is cared in laboratory and in on site measurements. Results shown great promises for wall



    14th International Conference on Communications, Electromagnetics and Medical Applications, CEMA 2019, Sofia, Bulgaria, 17 October 2019 through 19 October 2019, vol. CEMA Volume 2019-October, pp. 63-67, 2019, Bulgaria, Technical University of Sofia, Faculty of Telecommunication Technologies, ISSN 13142100

    Copyright Technical University of Sofia, Faculty of Telecommunication Technologies

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