Autors: Kaleicheva, J. A., Mishev, V. M., Tongov, M. T.
Title: Investigation on Tribological Behavior of Ductile Cast Irons with Nanosized Particles
Keywords: nanosized particles; microstructure; hardness; wear resistance; ductile cast iron

Abstract: The work in this study is focused on investigation of the tribological behavior of ductile cast iron with nanosized particles: titanium nitride TiN; titanium nitride 30% + titanium carbonitride 70% (30%TiN+70%TiCN). The ductile cast iron composition is: Fe-3,55C-2,67Si-0,31Mn-0,009S-0,027P-0,040Cu-0,025Cr-0,08Ni-0,06Mg wt%. Before the addition to the melt nanosized particles were coated with nickel by the electroless nickel deposition method EFFTOMNICKEL .The nickel coating on the nanosized particles ensures their wetting in the melt as well as their uniform distribution into the cast. The optical and quantity etallographic observations and wear test are performed to study the influence of the nanoparticle additives on the cast iron tribological properties. It is observed that the quantity proportion changes between pearlite, ferrite and graphite phase in the cast iron structure.



    Environment. Technology. Resources. Proceedings of the 12th International Scientific and Practical Conference, vol. 3, pp. 84-87, 2019, Latvia, Rezekne Academy of Technologies, DOI 10.17770/etr2019vol3.4181

    Copyright Rezekne Academy of Technologies

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