Autors: Yaneva SЯнева Спаска., Iliev, I. T.
Title: Synthesis and investigation of the properties of hybrid materials for enzyme immobilization
Keywords: hybrid materials, enzyme immobilization

Abstract: The chemical nature of carriers for enzyme immobilization plays an important role for retention of the enzyme activity and stability. Two new materials are synthesized for enzyme immobilization based on trimethoxy silane/cellulose acetate butyrate/poly (amido amine) dendrimers (TMOS/CAB/PAMAM) and methyltriethoxy silane/cellulose acetate propionate/ poly (amido amine) dendrimers (MTES/CAP/PAMAM). The synthesis is carried out via the sol-gel method, which allows the preparation of porous glasses through hydrolysis and poly-condensation at a low temperature using high purity initial materials. The PAMAM dendrimers are mono-dispersive, well defined and have a developed three dimensional structure of a high functional groups concentration. The obtained materials are used to investigate the properties of immobilized enzymes such as lipoxygenase and laccase. These enzymes are widely used in industry as bleaching agents.



    Journal of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy, vol. 53, issue 6, pp. 1211-1216, 2018, Bulgaria,

    Copyright Elsevier

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