Autors: Kralev, J. K., Mitov, A. S., Slavov, T. N., Angelov, I. I.
Title: Optimal three-loop cascade PI-P-PI controller for electro-hydraulic power steering system
Keywords: Algorithm synthesis, Electro-hydraulic power steering, Optimization algorithms, Optimization procedures, Proportional integral differentials, Single-input multiple-output models, Steady state errors, Trajectory tracking

Abstract: The present paper presents an optimally tuned proportional integral differential (PID) system which calculates the driving signal for the switching valves in order to achieve steering trajectory tracking. The designed cascade control algorithm consists of three PID controllers respectively for the spool valve position, for the effective flow rate and for the steering cylinder position. The stages of the cascade control algorithm synthesis are presented. The goals of control algorithm are to achieve fast transients with minimal overshot and steady state error. Controllers' are tuned consequently by starting from the innermost loop based on an identified single-input multiple output (SIMO) model of the steering system by optimization algorithm with a quadratic cost. After one of the controllers is successfully tuned the model of the corresponding closed loop system is approximated and employed in the optimization procedure for the next control loop from the cascade system.



    IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering,11th International Scientific Conference on Aeronautic, 10 September 2019 through 12 September 2019, Open Access, vol. Volume 664, issue 1, pp. Article number 012011, 2019, Bulgaria, Institute of Physics Publishing, DOI 10.1088/1757-899X/664/1/012011

    Copyright Published under licence by IOP Publishing Ltd.

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