Autors: Stankov, B. N., Fikiin, K. A., Garcia, G., Kalms, A., Estevez, M., Garde, R.
Title: Dynamic energy model of a refrigerated warehouse operating synergistically with a cryogenic energy storage system
Keywords: energy management, energy storage, food storage, LAES, refrigerated warehousing

Abstract: This contribution focuses on a dynamic energy model of a refrigerated warehouse, which is used in conjunction with a counterpart model of a liquid-air energy storage (LAES) system. These coupled models represent a newly designed LAES pilot plant, which is to be integrated with an existing refrigerated warehouse in Belgium. The designed pilot plant stores excess renewable energy in periods of high availability and generates electricity in periods of high demand. Evaporating liquid air employed for power generation is also utilized to directly refrigerate the warehouse. Along with the usual energy storage benefits, the additional effect is reduced refrigeration demand of the warehouse and improved round-trip efficiency of the LAES system. The developed model serves to predict the temperature of the refrigerating air in the warehouse, as an important control variable for the integrated LAES-warehouse system.



    Refrigeration Science and Technology, pp. 3558-3565, 2019, Canada, International Institute of Refrigeration, DOI: 10.18462/iir.icr.2019.1794

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