Autors: Stankov, B. N., Kaloyanov, N. G., Tomov, G. D.
Title: Solar walls for high-performance buildings
Keywords: EN ISO 13790, energy performance, experimental, green buildings, heat transfer, modelling, passive solar, TRNSYS, Trombe wall

Abstract: Passive solar design can reduce building energy demand for heating, cooling and ventilation, while also contributing to the comfort, well-being and productivity of the building’s occupants. The successful application of passive solar features, such as solar walls, requires a good understanding of the factors influencing their energy performance and a correct assessment of this performance during the design process. This paper discusses some basic design strategies for successful application of solar walls and the factors with the most significant impact on their efficiency. It summarizes the principle results and findings of an experimental study, based on dynamic simulations and test site measurements. The energy performance of various configurations of unvented solar walls was investigated in different climatic conditions. The outcomes of the dynamic simulations were used to develop a simplified quasi-steady-state model. The model is compatible with the monthly method of EN ISO 1379



    International Journal of Energy Production and Management, vol. 2, issue 4, pp. 339-351, 2017, Spain, WIT Press, DOI: 10.2495/EQ-V2-N4-339-351

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