Autors: Rangelov, R. K., Hinov, N. L., Petrov, K. L., Vasileva, L.
Title: Obtaining of Nanocomposite Material with Metal Matrix and Carbide Reinforcing Particles by Electromagnetic Stirring
Keywords: Cast composites, Electromagnetic stirring, Metal matrices, O

Abstract: There are several factors involved in making metal matrix composite materials that require considerable attention. These include the difficulty of achieving a uniform particle distribution, wetting ability between the two basic substances, the porosity of the cast composite materials and the chemical reactions between the reinforcing particles and the matrix alloy. In order to achieve the optimum properties of the composite material, the distribution of the reinforcing material in the metal matrix must be uniform, and the wettability or bonding between these substances must be optimized. One method of homogenizing the melt is by electromagnetic stirring. The purpose of the present work is to provide an inverter with the necessary characteristics to obtain a composite material with a metal matrix and carbide reinforcing nano-particles



    International Conference on High Technology for Sustainable Development, HiTech 2019, Sofia; Bulgaria; 10 October 2019 through 11 October 2019, vol. HiTech 2019, pp. Article number 9128284, 2019, Bulgaria, IEEE Inc, DOI 10.1109/HiTech48507.2019.9128284

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