Autors: Mitrev, R. P., Tudjarov, B. N., Todorov, T. S.
Title: Web-based virtual reality for simulation of a heavy manipulator with a freely suspended payload
Keywords: Web, Virtual Reality (VR), Modeling, Simulation, Heavy Manip

Abstract: The paper presents the development of a Web-based Virtual Reality (VR) environment for simulation and visualization of the motion of a hydraulically driven heavy manipulator with a freely suspended payload. Two main problems are resolved in the paper. First, a combined mathematical model of the manipulator, considered as a 2 DOF discrete mechanical model is derived. It represents the dynamics of the two key functional subsystems of the manipulator – mechanical subsystem, consisting of a link and freely suspended payload and hydraulic subsystem, consisting of a hydraulic cylinder. Second, by the use of the contemporary Web technologies a VR environment for simulation, visualization and animation of the obtained results is developed. The produced VR environment is easy reused and shared with other users and thus considerably facilitates the design, investigation, and e-learning of such type of system.



    IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering, 11th International Scientific Conference on Aeronautics, Automotive and Railway Engineering and Technologies, BulTrans 2019, Lazur Holiday House, Sozopol, Bulgaria, 10 September 2019 through 12 September 2019, vol. 664, issue 1, pp. Article number 012015, 2019, Bulgaria, IOP Publishing Ltd., doi:10.1088/1757-899X/664/1/012015

    Copyright IOP Publishing Ltd.

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