Autors: Stoyanov, L. S., Zarkov, Z. Z., Lazarov, V. D., Bachev, I. E., Demirkov, B. T., Notton, G., Damian, A.
Title: Hybrid System Sizing using per unit Approach - Application to Bulgaria, France and Romania
Keywords: Hybrid systems , photovoltaic generator , wind generator

Abstract: The paper presents the application of per unit approach for sizing of hybrid system with renewable energy sources. The system is combination of photovoltaic and wind generators and operates in parallel with the grid. The per unit approach is applied to different installation sites in Bulgaria, France and Romania using the respective country specific load. Different combinations of the hybrid system for each site are studied to determine the most balanced system.


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2018 20th International Symposium on Electrical Apparatus and Technologies (SIELA), 2018, Bulgaria,

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