Autors: Danov, P. Y., Gotseva, D. A., Tomov, Y. K.
Title: Evolution of programming languages
Keywords: programming languages, programming paradigms

Abstract: In order to understand the trends in the development of programming languages, it is necessary to know the driving force behind their development. To clarify this, programming languages need to be viewed from different points of view. In order to be able to create good programs, a good programming language is needed. Various programming technologies (procedural, structural, object-oriented, component-oriented, agent-oriented, aspect-oriented, functional, logical programming) are being developed to be supported by a programming language. The constant improvement of computers themselves leads to the need to create languages that maximize the use of new opportunities. At the same time programming languages must ensure a long-life cycle of program products.



    CAx Technologies, issue 6, pp. 5-11, 2018, Bulgaria, ISSN 1314-9628

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