Autors: Zarkov, Z. Z., Lazarov, V. D., Rizov, P. M., Stoyanov, L. S., Popov, E.
Title: An approach for modeling the electronic converter-motor system for electric vehicles
Keywords: battery, BLDC, electric vehicle, inverter, PMSM

Abstract: This paper presents an approach for modeling and simulation of drive system comprising an inverter and permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) for application in electric vehicles. The motor is analyzed by finite element method (FEM) and its general parameters are determined by the FEM results. For studying the complete drive system, a simulation model in Matlab/Simulink environment is developed. The characteristics of the motor in two modes of operation - as PMSM and as BLDC are calculated and comparisons are presented. The results lead to the conclusion that the PMSM mode of operation gives better performance and should be preferred.



    , 2019, Bulgaria,

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