Autors: Mihaylova, D. A., Valkova-Jarvis, Z. V., Iliev, G. L., Poulkov, V. K.
Title: Shifted 2-N-PSK Method for the Detection of Pilot Contamination Attacks
Keywords: Wireless Communications, Physical Layer Security, Pilot Contamination Attacks, Channel State Information, Shifted Constellations, Intercell Interference

Abstract: One major security problem at the physical layer of a wireless system is its vulnerability to pilot contamination attacks. A potential method for the detection of such active attacks involves training with two N-PSK pilots which however suffers from operational problems. In this paper we propose and evaluate the Shifted 2-N-PSK technique as an improvement on the original method. The Shifted 2-N-PSK method operates with two pilots from different constellations, each of which is shifted from the original N-PSK constellation. The performance of three variations of Shifted 2-N-PSK is presented and the most effective implementation of the technique is revealed to be when neither the shift values nor the difference between them equal an N-PSK angle. Experimental results are also provided, in order to confirm the theoretical estimates. In addition, a detailed analysis of the shift values and the number of their optimal combinations are presented for different accuracies.



    International Journal Wireless Personal Communications, 2019, Netherlands, Springer, ISSN: 0929-6212; DOI: 10.1007/s11277-019-06341-x

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