Autors: Ivanov, B. I., Kralev, J. K.
Title: Re-structuring, Quality Assessment and Telemedicine Integration of an Extracorporeal Perfusion Apparatus Controller
Keywords: Advisory systems, Chamber model, Controller synthesis, Fluid

Abstract: Control of biofluids circulation using extracorporeal apparatus needs to solve the modeling problem of a non-linear process, which parameters could change up to 10 times during a single procedure. This builds hurdles in the process of controller synthesis. The paper presents an updated model of such a system, operation quality analysis and its integration as an element of data mining advisory system



    8th Mediterranean Conference on Embedded Computing, 10 June 2019 through 14 June 2019, vol. MECO 2019, issue 8, pp. Article number 8760011, 2019, Montenegro, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc, DOI 10.1109/MECO.2019.8760011

    Copyright IEEE

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