Autors: Girginov Ch., Kozhukharov S., Tzaneva, B. R.
Title: Determination of the Surface Properties of Combined Metal-Oxide Layers, Obtained by AC-Incorporation of Ni and Cu in Preliminary Formed AAO Matrices
Keywords: AAO layers; Ni and Cu incorporation; Spectral characteristics; Barrier properties; Hydrophobicity

Abstract: Since anodization of aluminum is the most conventional method for obtaining highly ordered surface matrices, this method has been an object of great scientific interest over the last decades. In addition, these highly ordered anodized aluminium oxide (AAO) layers can efficiently protect the metallic substrates against corrosion in aggressive media and can be successfully used as primers for advanced multilayered corrosion protective coatings. An additional important advantage of these films is the possibility to incorporate various metals, in order to modify the AAO composition and surface properties. Furthermore, the resulting Al-O-Metal systems enable the subsequent chemical deposition of a variety of metallic and semiconductor layers, resulting in formation of layered conjunctions with valuable properties. In this sense, the present research presents results of an evaluation of the surface properties of Ni and Cu containing AAO layers, obtained by AC-electrochemical incorporation.



    Chapter 28 in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology in Security and Protection against CBRN Threats, pp. 351-366, 2020, Netherlands, Springer, ISBN 978-94-024-2018-0

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