Autors: StefanovaStoyanova, V. V.
Title: Network of autonomous energy storage modules, such as concentrators for charging stations for electric vehicles and smart cities, based on battery systems and a model for selecting the capacity of batteries
Keywords: energy storage, battery systems, concentrators for charging stations, charging stations. IoT, renewable resource, Autonomous photovoltaic systems

Abstract: The article reports questions, in correlation to the choice of rechargeable batteries for autonomous photovoltaic systems for transport purposes, based on solar radiation in a given area and necessary to meet the need to select a period of time. Concentration of energy in energy storage makes it possible to build off-grid installations, home autonomous systems, common conventional gas stations that can be used as charging stations for electric vehicles, incl. and electric trucks and is a great example of considering "green power" in freight, civil and domestic transport (warehouses, logistics bases, manufacturing). A completely new aspect of energy storage, which has been discussed recently, but may play an important role in the near future, is the storage of electricity in batteries, incl. and electric cars. The idea is that car batteries will generally be charged at night, and if an intelligent distribution network is implemented, the charging cycle itself can be controlled centrall



    International conference on High Technology for Sustainable Development HiTech 2020, 2020, Bulgaria,

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