Autors: StefanovaStoyanova, V. V.
Title: Application of neural networks in the Methodology of the Five Component Conceptual Model of Adaptive E-Learning Systems
Keywords: artificial neural networks; neuron; diagnostics; a neural processing unit.

Abstract: Neural networks as a nonlinear system could be used for the classification of seemingly unrelated data and to find hidden patterns among it. Applied for education technology, this characteristic allows the neural networks to significantly improve the specificity of the method. With the advancement of technology, such as computers, physiology body-devices, artificial neural networks are the next promising area of interest. Successful use of neural networks for solving educational problems in the past few years suggests ex-pansion efforts in the development of technology and hardware base. Developed embedded devices will be successfully used in different areas of education, such as diagnostic systems, biochemical analysis, im-age analysis, and development of educational methods.



    9-th International Scientific Conference COMPUTER SCIENCE'2020, pp. 216-221, 2020, Bulgaria, ISBN 978-619-167-433-6

    Вид: постер/презентация в международен форум