Autors: Brusev, T. S., Serafimov, N. S., Nikolova, B. M.
Title: Investigation of Over Voltage Protection Circuit for Low Power Applications
Keywords: Over voltage protection, Surge protection devices, Low power applications

Abstract: The sophisticated electronic control systems and Integrated Circuits (IC) are widely used nowadays in the modern automotive and industrial applications. The maximum voltages in the modern CMOS technologies go down. The transient and dc voltages which exceed these values can seriously damage the electronic devices. Over voltage protection circuits are needed to prevent from destroying control system and IC for automotive and industrial applications. Investigations results of over voltage protection circuit appropriate for low power applications are presented in this paper.



    iCEST2012, vol. 2, pp. 513-516, 2012, Bulgaria, ISBN ISBN: 978-619-167-003-1

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