Autors: StefanovaStoyanova, V. V., Stoyanov K.
Title: "Smart" Ring, "Smart" Bracelet and Derivatives as a tool for managing "smart" systems
Keywords: smart ring, smart bracelet, smart systems, smart control, mashine learning

Abstract: : In realizing the way to manage almost all kinds of systems or devices with which a person is sur-rounded in his everyday life, incl. and "smart" ones, there is a series of problems related to how to man-age the particular system - remote control, dedicated control panel, wall mounted switch, switchboard or even touch screen (stationary, mobile device, computer display, etc.) In more complex management systems or specific tasks are needed, may use a system of two or more "smart" rings or “smart” devices. Through the "Smart" ring you can control a robotic pen, write on a remote screen, recognize hand-writing, voice, manage a "sign" system, activate a car engine, open doors, payments through gesture confirmation, managing sophisticated systems in dangerous environments, managing medical robots and even realizing the "black box" function for human hands .



    International Scientific Conference “COMPUTER SCIENCE'2018, UNITe 2018 Workshop "Big Data and Smart Industry", Kavala, Greece., pp. 16-19, 2018, Greece, ISBN ISBN 978-619-167-177-9

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