Autors: Kolev, V. G.
Title: The transmission losses increasing during the summer network maintenance
Keywords: Forecasting modeling, Network maintenances, Network resistance, Power system loads, Statistical techniques, Summer heat, Transmission loss, Transmission system operators

Abstract: During the summer heats, the power system loads reach winter peaks values due to the air-conditioning. In the same time the routine network maintenance is at its culmination, respectively the network resistance is lower than the winter values. As result, during two years of experience in forecasting hourly transmission losses an increasing is detected when extreme heats are happen. In order to detect accurately losses dependence on combination between network maintenance and summer heats, statistical techniques are applied. Finally, the existing forecasting model of the transmission system operator is upgraded.



    10th Electrical Engineering Faculty Conference, BulEF 2018. Santa Marina Holiday Village, Sozopol; Bulgaria; 11 September 2018 through 14 September 2018, vol. BulEF 2018, issue 10, pp. Article number 8646960, 2019, Bulgaria, IEEE Inc, DOI 10.1109/BULEF.2018.8646960

    Copyright IEEE

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