Autors: Matanov, N. S., Penev, H. P., Ivanov, N.
Title: Determination of the capacitive output power of shunt passive filters
Keywords: Compensating devices, Effective solution, Electrical power system, Industrial enterprise, Passive power filters, Reactive power compensation, Shunt passive filters, Software program

Abstract: Shunt Passive Filters (SPF) are an economically well-founded and technically effective solution for reactive power compensation and solving the problems with harmonics, caused by non-linear loads, in the electrical power systems of medium and large industrial enterprises. The elements parameters definition for each SPF is a specific task that is specifically solved for each power supply system.This paper presents a methodology, algorithm and software program for designing Medium Voltage (MV) filter-compensating devices. Particular attention is paid to the determination and distribution of the compensating power among the different harmonic filters. The results from this work can be useful in designing and optimizing the efficiency of the medium voltage shunt passive filters



    10th Electrical Engineering Faculty Conference, BulEF 2018. Santa Marina Holiday Village, Sozopol; Bulgaria; 11 September 2018 through 14 September 2018, vol. BulEF 2018, issue 10, pp. Article number 8646950, 2019, Bulgaria, IEEE Inc, DOI 10.1109/BULEF.2018.8646950

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