Autors: Matanov, N. S., Dimitrova, S. A.
Title: Operating Modes Optimization of the Capacitor Banks in Electrical Power Systems
Keywords: Centralized management, Design and operations, Electrical power system, Objective functions, Optimization criteria, Power distribution system, Reactive power compensation, Voltage deviations

Abstract: he reactive load regime in the electric power systems of the economic sites determines the electrical energy quality (voltage deviation), the power losses in the individual elements of the power supply system, the electricity cost. From this point of view, the compensation of reactive loads is a major task in the design and operation of power supply systems.In order to increase the efficiency of reactive power compensation, it is necessary to optimize the operating mode of the installed power factor (PF) correction devices. In the report, the capacitor banks are presented as widely applicable in the industry and as an effective and easy-to-use tool for reactive power compensation.This report presents the development of an objective function for operating modes optimization of the capacitor banks in a case of centralized management. The optimization criterion is to minimize the cost of reactive power transmission in the power distribution system. The constraints for the objective funct



    10th Electrical Engineering Faculty Conference, BulEF 2018. Santa Marina Holiday Village, Sozopol; Bulgaria; 11 September 2018 through 14 September 2018, vol. BulEF 2018, issue 10, pp. Article number 8646938, 2019, Bulgaria, IEEE Inc, DOI 10.1109/BULEF.2018.8646938

    Copyright IEEE

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