Autors: Brusev, T. S., Goranov, P. T., Hristov, M. H.
Title: Investigation of ZCS resonant-switch dc-dc converter for fully monolithic ic implementation
Keywords: dc-dc converter, fully monolithic design, efficiency, CMOS 0

Abstract: This paper includes investigations results of monolithic zero-current switching (ZCS) resonant-switch dc-dc converter. Circuit was designed on AMS CMOS 0.35 μm process. Softswitching control technique was used in the simulations. Efficiency of about 86 % at 1.75 GHz switching frequency is illustrated for voltage conversion from 3 V to 1.2 V. Effects of low Q passive filter components over the converter’s behavior are presented.



    Conference proceedings of the 16th International Scientific and Applied Science Conference Electronics 2007, issue 1, pp. 121-126, 2007, Bulgaria, ISBN ISBN 1313-1842

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    1. 1. B. Nikolova , “Magnetic Hysteresis Modeling and Visualization for SPICE Based Enviorments”, ANNUAL JOURNAL OF ELECTRONICS, 2008, Sozopol, Bulgaria, pp.91-96 - 2008 - в български издания

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